Toontastic 3D – Get your students dubbing – great oral practice!

Toontastic is a great smartphone storytelling app by Google which allows you to create animated videos with the touch of your hands. It is very easy and inviting, and most importantly: intuitive! You don’t need to teach your students how to use it.

Purim activity: 

  1. First, you have to ask the students to download the app on their phone BEFORE coming to class, so it wouldn’t take time.
  2. I asked the students to write a script for a Purim story, with a twist. (For example: a pirate – Megilat Esther).
  3. I haven’t had much time. But ideally, you’d want to review the script a few times before the video is recorded.
  4. I told the students to work in groups of 2-4 and have as many characters as the participants in the group (they could have more). This way, I assured that everyone will dub a character and practice speaking. THEY HAD TO “SHOOT” A FEW TAKES SO IT WAS A GREAT PRACTICE.

The students showed creativity and I have decided to repeat this with them next time, taking more time for planning. All in all, it was really fun and we only had a little more than an hour! One result is here before you:

The app allows you to choose between three different types of stories:

  1. A short story – 3 parts: beginning, middle and ending (3 scenes).
  2. A classic story – which includes 5 scenes: setup, conflict, challenge, climax and resolution.
  3. A science report.


For every scenes, you choose the setting (a pirates ship, Lost Atlantis, a classroom and more…) and characters. YOU CAN CHANGE THE CHARACTERS AND THE SETTING AND EVEN DRAW THEM YOURSELVES!!!

When you click “Start”, you start recording the voices of the characters and moving them.

The result is great!