If students practice conditionals in a fun way…they will remember it!

Here is a nice activity I did with my 11 graders today. I’ve used it to practice the 1st conditional but it may be applied to practicing all conditionals. I have also done this in groups of 2 or 3 students. Students can do it individually as well.

The idea is based on the following slideshow by :

After studying the conditionals, the students read the slideshow, which demonstrate a cause and effect chain of facts. Than, they create a similar slideshow, in which they create the same game but with a different story. They have to make up a story of 10 slides, add matching pictures and make it interesting or funny. My students really enjoyed.

If you want a nice game to further practice conditionals, here is a challenging Billionaire Game.


Have fun and share your students’ work! 


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