Phrasal Verbs – a great topic for fun activities

“Phrasl Verbs” is always a fun subject to teach. It has a lot of creative possibilities. I’d like to share with you what I’ve done in two classes this week. One is an 8th grade class and one is a 10th grade class. So the difficulty is matching the age of the pupils. In both classes, I started by explaining the topic on the board, and working on exercises in the textbooks. Later, we continued with the more ‘fun’ parts.

Phrasal Verbs – 8th grade

First activity – An online game

A very nice game from the website “Tim’s box”.  There are 5 interactive games and the students loved them. The practice took about 20 minuets.

phrasal verbs game


Second activity – Translating.

I’ve taken a few images from google. I haven’t checked the usage rights because the use is internal and password protected. However, you may ‘google’ “phrasal verbs” in google images and find images with lots of phrasal verbs examples.

I put 2 images in a presentation and had the class add comments with translations of the phrasal verbs in the pictures. Every student had to translate at least 3 phrasal verbs to Hebrew. They had to be careful not to translate the same one as their friends.

phrasal verbs google

Activity 3: SMS Generator

The next task includes using a website and the same shared slideshow.The students choose 3 different phrasal verbs and make up an sms conversation with 10 m
messages, including these phrasal verbs. They  do it on the “Iphone Text Generator“.

When I approve their work, they save it as a picture and upload it to the shared slideshow/presentation. They also add a matching picture to their conversation.  Later, they can observe their friend’s work and comment.

Below is an example of a slide – before correction. Spelling and Grammar Errors included 🙂

eden hadar

Phrasal Verbs – 10th grade

The 10th graders obviously worked harder. I’ve found a great online source: The Phrasal Verbs Dictionary. Students can look up phrasal verbs, read the different meanings and read examples.

phrasal verbs dictionary

My students had pretty hard exercises in their textbook. They had to look up the phrasal verbs on this website and try to decide if it fits. I think it was a high order thinking skill experience. They had to think in English, try the different meanings and apply them to the sentences given. They looked as if they were sweating 🙂

On the next lesson they created the same “sms slideshow” but had to use 5 phrasal verbs instead of 3. It was quite challenging – but fun!

Have fun with phrasal verbs!


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