About me

A passionate reader, teacher and information seeker. A devoted fan of English Literature.  I love technology and I like discovering new, beneficial and fun ways to engage my students. I Teach Junior high and High School in Jerusalem, Israel. My students have personal tablets and they use it throughout our classes.

Now, there is a way to teach with computers as you would with books: as digital texts and nothing more. But we can gain so much more. We can have the students being active, self learning, creating and studying about the real world while studying English.

I teach English and literature, am the school’s coordinator for digital pedagogy and I also work with other schools in Jersualem, to help teachers integrate technology in their teaching.

What do I offer through this blog?

Ideas, ideas, ideas…most of the time we don’t have the time to surf the web and seek new websites and options. I publish what I do in class: games, lesson plans, activities, recommended websites and more. There is also a list of interesting blogs and websites that you can use.

I especially love sharing!!!

So, if you have experienced something interesting, if there’s a website you like using or any other idea, write it in this blog, on the facebook page or on the google plus community.

I also have another blog, ingoogleclassroom.com for teachers who use google apps for education – the blog is in Hebrew. This July I had the honor of participating in the Google Teacher Academy in Tel Aviv and became a “Certified Innovator” for google tools.


Happy Reading and Thank You!


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